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Return Policy

We can think of four reasons you might want to make a return:

We gave you a different wine than what you ordered.
The wine was damaged in transit.
You got a bad bottle.
You just didn’t like it.

Different policies for each situation.

Wrong Wine:  If the web site showed one wine and vintage and what you got was different, then that’s 100% on us.  Please call us ASAP at 703.356.6500 and we’ll do all we can to make it right.  At a minimum, we’ll make arrangements to have the mis-shipped wine picked up and returned to us (at our expense) and refund your purchase (including shipping cost) or replace it with the correct wine (our option).  We may be able to work out something else that makes you even happier, though, so give us a chance.

Damaged During Shipment:  If the damage was due to heat/cold conditions during shipment and you failed to specify a shipping date or chose one that didn’t work out, we’re afraid that’s on you – we expressly decline responsibility.  But if the package got crushed or bottles broke, let us know and we will (at our option) replace or refund your purchase price (including shipping).

Corked, Oxidized or Leaking Wine:  Experts estimate that somewhere between 2 and 4% of all wine closed with cork has something wrong with it.  If you’re local or willing to ship the bottle (with wine!) back to us within 30 days of purchase, we’ll replace or refund your purchase price (our option).  In all other circumstances, we accept no responsibility for “off” bottles – but please call us at 703.356.6500 ASAP.  We’d rather you be happy than unhappy with your purchase, and we’ll do our best to work out something that leaves you pleased and avoids us being broke.

You Don’t Like The Wine:  While we accept NO responsibility for intact wine that doesn’t tickle your taste buds, we also really like you to feel confident in buying from us – especially if you’ve relied on our recommendations and wine descriptions.  So call us.  No promises, but we’ll try to figure something out that leaves you happy.

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