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Bouillabaisse and Burgundy Dinner at La Cote d?Or

Tuesday and Wednesday, June 6 and 7 @ 6:45pm
Bouillabaisse and Burgundy Dinner at La Cote d?Or
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Event Dates:
Event Location: La Cote d'Or Restaurant, 6876 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA 22213
Description of Tasting:

Cost $110.00 per person including tax, tip, free parking
Reserve your seats through Eventbrite at this link

I’ve been eating Chef Jacques’ bouillabaisse for years. He’d be the first to say his riff on the classic seafood soup of Marseille isn’t 100% “authentic.” But as I and countless other happy diners can confirm, it’s super delicious and satisfying. So we’ve asked Chef to make it the centerpiece of our next wine dinner at La Cote d’Or Restaurant. Join us, and you’ll be very glad we did!

If you’re not familiar with it, bouillabaisse is a French take on an even older staple dish introduced by Greek colonists in and around Marseille. Like cassoulet from Toulouse, there are uncountable numbers of variations. But the core of the dish is always a stock made from bony fish, tomatoes, garlic and – crucially – saffron – used to poach fish, shellfish and potatoes. Then it’s served with toasted bread and a healthy dollop of rouille, a mayonnaise made of olive oil, garlic, cayenne pepper and more saffron.

The classic French presentation brings you the broth in one course and the fish on a platter in the next, but Jacques’s take brings everything together in a single bowl of savory, complex goodness. And his rouille is out of this world!

We asked our good friend and local importer Ed Addiss from Wine Traditions to suggest some wines to sip before the bouillabaisse and the match it as well. Both Jacques and I nearly fell out of our chairs when Ed pulled two bottles of Burgundy out of his bag to go with the bouillabaisse. The classic matches are hearty Provençal and Languedoc reds. White and red Burgundy? Really?

Yup – really! As you’ll taste for yourself along with Chef Jacques’s classic bouillabaisse, tweaked a tiny bit to play even better with the wines. Here’s the menu:

Pissaladiere du Mont Gros
Puffed pastry, onion confit, fennel, crispy proscuito, goat cheese
Dom de Saint Ser Cotes de Provence Rose Cuvee Prestige 2021

Scandinavian Hot Smoked Salmon
Belgium endive, spinach tempura, watercress salad, lime dressing, mint
Dom De Bel Air Pouilly Fume 2021

Bouillabaisse Niçoise (tarragon)
Monk fish, Cod fish, clams, mussels, shrimp, rich saffron broth, potato, tomato, tarragon
Dom Billard Saint-Romain La Combe Bazin Blanc 2021
Dom Rois Mages Rully Les Cailloux Rouge 2019

Brick dough, white chocolate, mousseline cream, marinated strawberries, lavender, strawberry champagne sauce
Dom du Pas Saint Martin La Vie en Rose NV

As with our Austrian wine dinner at La Cote d’Or, all sign-ups and payment will be handled in advance through Eventbrite. Click the link and book your seats now (refunds for cancellations can be accepted up to 48 hours before the event – just contact the restaurant). Then join us at 6:45 on Tuesday June 6 and Wednesday June 7, enjoy the food, wine and company, and leave when you’re done without waiting for a check.

La Cote d’Or Restaurant is located at 6876 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA 22213, just off Rt. 66 and within walking distance of the East Falls Church Metro station. Parking is available next to the restaurant in the motel lot (ignore the signs – you can park anywhere!). Join us!

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